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Welcome to HELEMI!

HELEMI is a database of the local history and cultural heritage of Lapua. HELEMI is only at the beginning of its journey. The amount of data is ever-growing. Most of it is in Finnish, but more and more is also translated in English. 

You can search information by clicking the menu on the left of the page or by using the "Etsi" (search) box on the top left of the front page, directly below the logo. Manual can be found here.

HELEMI is maintained by Lapua town museums in cooperation with Lapua town library and Lapuan Sanomat newspaper. Questions, comments, ideas, error notifications or other can be sent to helemi (a) lapua.fi.

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Photo: Hermanni Ylihärsilä, Vihtori Kosola, O. Soini ja J. Talvitie skiing